Coconut Oil Helps Fight Infections In The Mouth

Coconut oil helps fight infections in the mouth

Did you know that coconut oil is an ideal ingredient for both rinsing and brushing your teeth, as well as for the health of your mouth?

Coconut oil is an increasingly popular product thanks to its full nutritional value. However, more and more uses of this vegetable oil to treat skin problems are being discovered. Here we present the healing power of coconut oil to heal oral infections .

In this article, we share a recipe for a coconut oil treatment to keep your teeth and gums healthy. In this way, we can prevent and treat certain problems, such as:

  • Infections.
  • Caries.
  • Gingivitis.

Coconut oil

The lauric acid content of coconut oil is why it has many beneficial properties for oral health . Coconut oil is an essential ingredient of a balanced diet. Despite being fat, this oil is very effective in losing weight if we are overweight as it speeds up metabolism.

We should also get to know its properties when it comes to the skin. This oil is an excellent remedy for skin, mouth, hair, etc. problems. Thanks to its therapeutic properties:coconuts

Treatment of infection

The coconut oil treatment we propose to prevent and treat infections is based on two steps. We must do them daily to get the results we want and regain oral health:

  • Morning: rinses.
  • At night: brushed like toothpaste.

Below, we detail how we should perform this natural homemade technique. We only need one ingredient for this.

1. Daily rinses

Rinsing with vegetable oil daily is an ancient technique to improve the health of the oral cavity and the entire digestive system. Although they can also be done with sesame oil, in this case we suggest virgin coconut oil with high antimicrobial efficacy.

Rinsing the teeth

When performing these rinses for a long time, we can get a very deep cleansing of the oral cavity. On the other hand, we can also balance the entire digestive tract. This way, it is easier to eliminate bacteria and toxins without changing the delicate pH in the mouth. In addition, we can eliminate tartar, improve breathing and soothe inflamed gums.

How to do it?

  • When we get up, before eating anything, put 1 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil (15 ml) in our mouths. It is essential that the oil is of the highest quality.
  • We try to ensure that the oil reaches all parts of the mouth. They don’t gargle, so the oil doesn’t have to get there.
  • We rinse for about 20 minutes. During this time, we will notice that the thick oil becomes lighter and more watery, which is a good sign.
  • After these minutes, we spit the oil out (preferably into the garbage can). Then we brush our teeth thoroughly with ordinary toothpaste.
  • We recommend waiting at least 15 minutes before breakfast. If possible, always start with a glass of water to eliminate toxins from your body.
  • Use every morning.

2. Natural toothpaste

To maintain oral health and increase resistance to infections, we recommend choosing the most natural toothpaste possible. This way, we will avoid ingredients such as sulfates, fluoride and other additives that can affect our health and change the pH of saliva. We can find very effective natural alternatives that include vegetable and essential oils, xylitol, clay, activated charcoal, etc.

Brushing teeth
Coconut oil has proven to be a useful and effective ingredient in dental care. Besides, it has a very good taste. We should always brush our teeth after each of our three main meals. In this case, to enhance this natural treatment, we should replace the toothpaste with coconut oil during one of the three daily brushings. Thus, this oil will become a complementary natural toothpaste to strengthen the defense of the oral cavity. In addition, we will be able to see the results quickly.

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