Eat More Protein By Adding These 7 Foods To Your Diet

By eating more protein, we improve our metabolism, give ourselves a boost of energy and strengthen our skin and hair.
Eat more protein by adding these 7 foods to your diet

Proteins should be at the center of any good diet. It is extremely important to eat plenty of protein. It is one of the basic building materials of our body, and also plays an important role in many organ systems.

In addition, they are largely responsible for the beauty of our body, ensuring the good condition of the skin and hair. Their biggest advantage is that they are found in many different products, so increasing their amount in the diet is very simple.

Today we offer 7 interesting products:

1. Parmesan cheese

Parmesan is rich in valuable protein that will give us an energy boost and improve our well-being.

grated Parmesan cheese
  • There is 38g of protein per 100g of Parmesan cheese, which is why this cheese is an excellent choice to help meet the daily needs of our body
  • Let’s not forget that Parmesan also contains fat, so eat it in moderate amounts

2. Dry cured ham

Dry-cured ham is another way to get protein, but should be eaten in moderation.

  • in 100g of ham, 21g is protein, and the fat content is lower than in other cold cuts

3. Tuna

This delicious and healthy fish has quite a specific amount of protein and is relatively low in calories.

Tuna cutlets protein source
  • 100g of tuna contains 21.5g of protein, in addition to omega-3 fatty acids and minerals
  • when we eat tuna at least twice a week, our muscles and heart benefit from it, and it is easier for us to control our appetite

4. Chicken breast

As a lean meat, it is a perfect supplement to the daily diet.

  • it is low in calories, and 100g contains 22g of protein
  • while the meat of every part of the chicken is high in protein, the breast is particularly recommendable due to its low fat content

5. Soybeans

Due to its low calorie content and richness of nutritional values, soy is recommended for people who are slimming.

soybeans have the most protein of any legume
  • Soybeans contain the most protein of all legumes, in 100g of soybeans it is as much as 30g
  • should be consumed in moderate amounts, preferably under the supervision of a dietitian, as its consumption may be associated with thyroid problems

6. Nuts

Almonds, as well as other types of nuts, are an ideal solution for controlling hunger pangs.

  • per 100g of nuts, 20g is protein; Besides, nuts are an important source of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants
  • you can eat them every day, as long as you serve them in moderate portions
  • are an excellent snack for people planning to lose a few kilos

7. Gelatin

There are countless types of gelatine on sale today. Gelatin is good not only for the wallet, but most of all for our body, providing it with large amounts of essential nutrients.

jelly is a rich source of protein
  • each 100g of gelatin is 84g of protein and large amounts of vitamins and minerals
  • due to its high protein content, gelatin can be found in dietary supplements
  • strengthens muscles and joints, and at the same time does not contain a lot of calories
  • gelatin is also used as a natural cosmetic, in face or hair masks

How often do you eat the products we mentioned? Protein is an extremely important part of your diet, so try to eat more of it. Remember to maintain the right balance between protein and other nutrient groups.

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