Fear – Fight It With Home Remedies!

Anxiety - fight it with home remedies!

Often times, anxiety comes on suddenly and without warning, with an accelerated heart rate, cold sweat spreading over the whole body, convulsions, stomach problems, dizziness, nausea, etc.

Today we advise you how to use home remedies to combat anxiety – they are completely safe and effectively restore the balance of the nervous system.

What is anxiety?

Before we move on to natural anxiety relievers, we would like to point out that they should only be used occasionally, at critical moments. If you do have emotional problems and want to cure yourself completely, in this case, home remedies to combat anxiety are unlikely to be of help – then the help of a psychotherapist will be indispensable.

Adequate breathing

Breathing plays a key role in keeping our nervous system balanced. Usually, in stressful situations, we forget about deep and controlled breathing, doing this extremely important life activity carelessly just to stay alive.

So it is very important to be able to relax in anxiety-inducing situations : sit or lie down, close your eyes and concentrate on breathing. First inflate air to the abdomen, then to the chest. When exhaling, do the opposite: empty your chest first, then your abdomen.

After just a few minutes of conscious, deep breathing, you will feel relief.

Relaxing yoga

Bath with the addition of magnesium

Water allows us to perform simple and inexpensive natural therapies at home. In order to relieve anxiety in a pleasant way, we offer an extremely pleasant bath that will bring you immediate relaxation and soothe your emotions.

A bath with magnesium is also recommended as a natural remedy for sleep disorders, nervousness, irritability, pain or inflammation. Use it without hesitation in periods of increased tension and stress.

To prepare your bath, you will need 100 g of powdered magnesium sulfate and optional relaxing essential oil. Remember that natural oils also directly stimulate our nervous system – especially all kinds of citrus aromas.

All you need to do is add these two ingredients to a bathtub with warm water. Take a 20-30 minute bath, which should be completed with a cold shower.

A relaxing bath

Passion flower infusion

We often disregard the healing power of plants in the belief that their effects are not immediate. It is a pity, because passion fruit has a strong calming effect on the nerves and all the other symptoms associated with emotional disorders such as palpitations, stuttering, muscle spasms, etc.

Healing passion flower

Flower First Aid Drops

Flower Therapy by Dr. Bach is a natural remedy based on flower extracts that effectively soothes the nerves and is also used to treat all kinds of psychological diseases.

Thanks to this therapy, we will be able to control our body in stressful situations and anxiety – it will help us fight anxiety, maintain proper concentration, keep a cool head and the internal balance of the body.

Bach flower therapy is also available under the name Rescue Remedy , or first aid drops.

However, remember not to use flower therapy for a long period of time – its undoubted advantage is quick and temporary action. It is also worth knowing that this remedy has no contraindications and does not cause side effects that could harm our health – therefore it can be taken by children and pregnant women.

As soon as you feel anxious, dissolve 4 drops of Dr. Bach in a glass of water and drink it down in small sips every five minutes. Drink as much until you feel better.

Clay on the stomach

What is the connection between the nervous system and the digestive tract? Many nutrition and emotional experts acknowledge that digestive tract dysfunction affects our well-being, to the point where it can be almost extremely irritable.

If you suspect that the accompanying anxiety states may be related to some digestive disorder, we recommend that you turn to an old proven remedy that has a calming effect and relieves anxiety.

What is this natural anxiety remedy? It is enough to prepare a red clay poultice and apply it to the stomach for at least half an hour. Ideally, if you leave it on all night. Cover the poultice with a cloth and then some thicker cloth to keep you warm.

The best way to remove the compress is in a warm shower.

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