Flatulence – Papaya, Aloe And Green Tea Will Help You!

Do you have a full belly feeling? You may have flatulence. While not directly life-threatening, they are undoubtedly a nuisance. Check what their causes may be and how to get rid of them.
Flatulence - papaya, aloe vera and green tea will help you!

By mixing papaya, aloe vera and green tea together, you will get a wonderful, all-natural remedy for flatulence, the healing properties of which will be more than just the sum of the properties of the products contained therein. The drug also has the ability to rapidly eliminate gas. And all this is completely natural.

Many women and men experience distressing gas from time to time. There are many different causes of these ailments, so getting rid of them is not a simple task. However, some products can help in this regard.

In this article, you will learn how to make an effective and all-natural remedy for flatulence using papaya, green tea and aloe vera. In less than a week, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your abdominal inflammation. Don’t hesitate any longer and just try them out!

Flatulence and other abdominal ailments

There are many possible causes for these problems. For this reason, it is worth finding out which causes you bloating, because finding the right solution depends on knowing the cause:

  • too much food consumed,
  • intolerance to some types of food products,
  • drinking too much liquid with a meal
  • mixing many different types of food,
  • too much fiber consumed,
  • the phenomenon of fluid retention in the body,
  • inaccurate chewing of food bites, swallowing air due to rushing eating, etc.,
  • irritable bowel syndrome.

In addition to digestive problems, women can also develop gas due to a hormonal imbalance, such as ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, or premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Bloating can also be related to pregnancy or menstruation.

Products to reduce flatulence available in every home

Below, we present you three food products with medicinal properties that are able to reduce gas in a completely natural way. If you mix them together, you get the perfect home remedy. Take it regularly for several days and you will see some really remarkable results.

However, consuming these products is not enough. You also need to eat properly and better manage your emotions and anxiety, as these issues also have a significant effect on your body and bloating.

fruit smoothie for flatulence


Papaya is one of the best fruits when it comes to solving digestive problems.

Due to the enzymes contained in this fruit, the most important of which is undoubtedly papain (which this fruit owes its name to – or the opposite? digestive system and flatulence.

And it is known that problems with excessive blood sugar can cause fat to build up in the abdominal area.

green tea

Green tea is a healing drink known for thousands of years with amazing health properties. Tea is packed with antioxidants and provides a boost of energy. Today, people drink it with almost religious reverence, mainly to prevent health problems and even to facilitate weight loss.

It turns out that green tea also has a big impact on flatulence. These features are primarily due to the large amount of flavonoids (a type of antioxidant) it contains, which act as natural anti-inflammatory agents. They also help you burn fat.


The gel found in the leaves of aloe has a very versatile effect. It is used, for example, for beauty care, as well as for numerous health treatments. It has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, remineralizing and regenerative properties. Hence its popularity as a plant with medicinal properties!

aloe gel

You can prepare this gel from the leaves on your own, or you can buy ready-made in a store or pharmacy. It is also worth mentioning that it has a laxative effect, so if you eat too much of it at once, your intestines may protest. As a result, the flatulence may turn into diarrhea.

Papaya, green tea and aloe vera gel as a remedy for flatulence


  • a slice of papaya
  • teaspoon of green tea (4 g)
  • 1/4 cup of aloe vera juice or pulp (50 ml)
  • tablespoon of honey (25 g)
  • a glass of water (200 ml)

If you wish, you can also add papaya seeds to the above ingredients as they help eliminate intestinal parasites. So add 5 seeds per serving.

a drink with healing properties for flatulence

The procedure for preparing the described product for flatulence

  • First, prepare green tea by adding leaves or a tea bag to boiling water. However, make sure to take the pot off the fire first.
  • Leave the infusion to cool for at least 5 minutes and then strain it. Set the dish aside and take care of the rest of the ingredients.
  • Pour the papaya juice and aloe vera flesh into a blender and blend everything thoroughly to obtain a homogeneous mixture. When it cools down to room temperature, add green tea to it.
  • If you want, you can sweeten it with honey.
  • Drink the product so obtained at room temperature or cool it. However, remember not to drink it too cold.

The way it is taken

  • To reduce gas, first drink a serving of the smoothie above.
  • It is not necessary to swallow large sips, it is best to sip your drink slowly.
  • If you are hungry, you can eat breakfast 30 minutes after you finish drinking this drink.
  • During the day, also drink plenty of water between meals.

To eliminate gas, drink the drink daily for 7 days. You can also choose to take a full 2 ​​weeks and then take a 2-week break.

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