How To End A Relationship In A Healthy Atmosphere?

Breakups are always difficult and painful, and it’s hard to forget about your former partner, but you have to be as calm and mature as possible.
How to end a relationship in a healthy atmosphere?

What’s the best way to end a  relationship ? Sometimes quarrels, misunderstandings and problems lead to a situation where the only way out is to break up. However, whatever the reason, it should be done in the healthiest atmosphere and as mature as possible.

Think of it this way – when you close a chapter in your life, you can’t let emotions like anger or anger overwhelm you. In today’s article, we want to give you some advice on how to end your  relationship  in the best possible way.

How to end a relationship in a healthy atmosphere?

1. When everything failed – the last call

You will know when this moment comes. This will be the point where your relationship has no chance of getting out of the situation and you both will be aware of what the only correct solution is. The hardest step, however, is the first step.

Even if you have stopped working out long ago, it is not easy to imagine your life without that person by your side. However, one has to dare to end this chapter and open it up again.

Why is it so hard to dare to break up?

  • You are overwhelmed by the fear of the other person’s reaction to the news of the breakup. It is also not easy to tell someone that you do not love him anymore.
  • You are afraid of loneliness. You may be surprised, but many people prefer to stay in a failed relationship for years rather than decide to be alone and live without their other half. However, this is a very immature solution.
  • Self-esteem is lacking. Maybe you are not sure if you can explain why the best solution in your opinion is parting. Some people are so afraid of the final confrontation that they just walk away without a word of explanation. Remember, however, that this is not a good solution.

In order to end a relationship in a healthy and mature way, it is necessary to have a face-to-face conversation with your partner, which will allow you to finally resolve your common issues. Here are some tips for having the interview:

  • Organize your thoughts before meeting your partner. Be clear about what and how you want to convey and explain. Make a list of the reasons why you think it’s time to end your relationship; at the same time, think about the answers to questions that may be asked by your partner.
  • If you feel insecure in this situation, at least you will be well prepared mentally.
  • Explain everything clearly and calmly. Since you are sure it is time to end this relationship, you need to show your confidence and determination.
  • At some point in this difficult conversation, tensions and mutual accusations may arise between you. You also need to be prepared for this eventuality. Focus on previously thought-out points and don’t get upset. Show that you know what you want and that there is no better solution.
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2. Control your emotions

You need to know that the way you end your relationship will remain in your memory for the rest of your life. So try to make this process as subtle as possible. If the breakup is accompanied by quarrels, mutual grievances, rage and tears, it will be difficult for each of you to come to terms with it.

After a painful breakup, it takes much longer to recover because it takes time to let go of negative emotions and move forward. So, if possible, try to make the end of your relationship as smooth as possible. Self-confidence will help you.

  • Rest assured that ending this relationship is the best solution for you and your partner. That certainty, and it definitely will make it easier to go through the process.
  • Be determined. You know what’s best for you, and a questionable relationship does more harm than good.
  • You must also remember that after the breakup, you may have various doubts, which are a mixture of anger, nerves or sentiments. This is perfectly normal. Don’t be ashamed of your tears, you have a right to feel bad.
  • It is just one of the many stages that you need to accept and go through in order to move on. However, avoid emotions such as anger or contempt for your partner, because negative feelings only make it difficult to move on to the breakup.
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3. Live on

Many couples are unable to make a final breakup and still give each other a chance. Of course, every relationship is different and has its own energy and inner rules. However, if you feel that this relationship only brings you pain, don’t be afraid to close the door behind you once and for all.

  • A breakup is the end of a chapter in your life – not the end, but a new beginning. You just need to explain to the other person why you think so and why it will be better for you.
  • If you hurt each other, why keep giving each other new reasons to argue and hurt? Time to dare to part and a new life apart.
  • Life after a breakup can be a challenge, but you have to face it. On the one hand, you will start something completely new, on the other hand, old emotions and memories will still come back to you. This is absolutely normal.
  • Nobody tells you to erase several years of your life from your memory – try to remember what was good, but do not feed on anger and frustration from past events.
  • Understand that the past is only the past and cannot affect your present life. Try to learn from your mistakes and get the most out of your own experiences.
  • You’ve already closed one door behind you, but see how many others you can still open. Be proud of yourself, your courage and life wisdom. From now on, you are stronger than ever before.

Accept the fact that life is a cyclical process. Something ends, something begins. We must constantly look for new ways of achieving happiness, and if in the meantime you meet someone on this path who would like to seek it with you – open yourself to it. Love is worth it.

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