Make Your Life Easier – 6 Useful Home Tricks

Although we all know that these are quite irrelevant problems, solving them many times takes us a lot of time, which is worth its weight in gold. How to deal with the troubles of everyday life?
Make your life easier - 6 useful home tricks

Where did the keys go again? Gas and electricity bills lost again? How do I open the wine if I don’t have a corkscrew? Yes, everyday life is full of small difficulties that we have to overcome all the time, and which often bring us to the brink of despair.

Although we all know that these are quite irrelevant problems, solving them many times takes us a lot of time, which is worth its weight in gold. That is why today you will learn some simple and even fun home tricks that will make your life more enjoyable , although in a minimal way .

Some of them are really original and you can easily prepare them with your children. Don’t miss this article! You will surely find something for yourself here!

Everyday problems, or life itself!

1. “Where are the keys to the apartment? What happened to the garage guys? “

A problem that has made life difficult for many of us, more than once or twice. There is a tip for that! You will definitely find some old tennis balls in the house. You can use them as a toy for your pet or … make them an eye-catching hanger for those objects that you usually lose or put anywhere.

As a rule, these are keys, pens, a mobile phone, a charger, etc.

What you need:

  • two old tennis balls
  • two nails
  • scissors

A method of preparing:

  • it is very easy! First you need to make a central cut in the ball. It should resemble a mouth, which at the same time will be an opening in which persistently dying things will be held
  • the next step is to drive a nail into the wall from the inside of the ball so that it is well attached to it.

Ready! If you want, you can decorate the hanger with eye-shaped stickers as in the picture above.

How to distinguish the keys from each other?

The key to the entrance door to the apartment, the letterbox, the garage and the basement, how to distinguish them from each other? You can use nail polishes and paint part of the key in different colors. This will help you identify them faster.

2. “I don’t have a corkscrew!”


Imagine a situation when you are preparing an important dinner, everything is buttoned up to the last button, only the last touch is missing – opening the wine and suddenly you realize that you do not have a corkscrew.

Don’t panic, there is a way to do it, although it is quite original and will surely attract guests’ attention, but effective, and what you don’t do to get out of trouble!

You just need to find a long nail and insert it into the bottle cork. Then use a pair of pliers for removal or use a hammer  similar to the picture above. The whole operation will take you no more than two seconds and your life will be saved!

3. Continuously wet in the garbage?


Certainly not one of us happened. How many times do they pick up a garbage bag with the desire to throw it away, the remnants of the stinking food remains, especially the liquid ones, have started to drip from the bottom of the bag? How to deal with this? It is very easy.

Every time you start emptying the trash can, make sure you put a piece of newspaper on the bottom before you put the new bag in it. It takes so little to simplify your life!

4. Attention, it’s time to paint!


There is always something to be painted in the apartment or at home. These can be drawers, chairs, a doghouse, window frames, and painting is a task that involves the risk of staining not only yourself, but also the surrounding space and objects.

The painting trick that will make our life easier is to put a flexible tape, as in the picture above.

When we remove excess paint from the brush, it will remain on the string, which will prevent uncontrolled dripping to places where we do not want it.

5. “Are you sure I closed the door? Maybe come back and check? “


It happens to all of us from time to time. We leave the house and head towards work, or – even worse – we’ve already moved a few kilometers away from our place of residence, when suddenly we are haunted by this well-known question: “Are you sure I closed the door?”

Few things are as frustrating as this kind of sudden panic attack related to our poor memory. However, it is important to know that it is not the fault that we cannot remember it, but that we perform certain actions automatically without paying too much attention to them.

If you want to make your life easier and avoid this kind of situation while doing these normal activities, try to do something extraordinary, which will allow you to remember that the task, in this case closing the door, was actually done.


Sing softly when you close the door. Later, if you forget that you closed the door, that you were singing during this activity, it will remind you. Give it a try – this method never fails!

6. “I lost my earring again!”

Vacuum cleaner

This happens to us women quite regularly. How many times do you go to the bathroom, put on your favorite jewelry and suddenly either the clasp or the earring itself falls. You look despairingly at the ground and wonder how to find your beloved object now?

Don’t worry, we’ve found a way for that too. All you need to do is put tights on the vacuum cleaner tube. Then turn it on and thoroughly vacuum the space, including all nooks and crannies, while keeping a close eye on what stops on the pantyhose. We assure you that you will get your favorite lost item back in minutes.

Did you like our practical ways to make your daily life easier? With similar problems, don’t hesitate for a moment! They are really effective and save a lot of valuable time!

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