Nephew – The Best Gift From Siblings

It is an unusual and unique type of bond. Unles and aunts are mentors, trusted friends, wonderful companions of mischief and games, people capable of showing the most intense feelings. Every nephew, nephew, niece and niece knows it perfectly well.
Nephew - the best gift from siblings

When your nephew (niece, niece) appears in the family, your world changes irrevocably. This is one of the most wonderful things that can happen to you. A nephew is, in fact, the best gift your siblings can give you.

Why do we say so? For many reasons. When a nephew appears, there is also joy, childish innocence and mischief. These undoubtedly turn the family upside down in the positive sense of the word.

Tiny hands and feet, eagerness to discover life and explore the surrounding world. Joy, laughter, crying, infinite love, cravings, sparkling, insatiable eyes and great expectations for a world in which there is so much to discover – all these appear at home when your nephew comes into the world.

Having a nephew is a one-of-a-kind experience. Being an aunt or uncle means so much that it’s hard to put into words. The extraordinary relationship that develops between you and your nephew is truly unique and rich in love.

A nephew in the family, lesson one: you learn to love unconditionally!

If you haven’t had children yet, your nephew will teach you what unconditional love means in practice.

What is this famous and overwhelmingly described thousands of times an irresistible need to give someone the best. Feeling of great attachment and tenderness, and the need to protect against all evil.

A woman and her nephew in the meadow

To be a parent, playmate, friend, confidant, mentor … Only in the relationship you develop when your nephew comes in are you able to fulfill all these roles at once. It is an amazing bond that includes giving and taking, equality, joy and understanding.

As an uncle or aunt, you are far from bans, extortion, rigid rules and discipline. Everything that happens between an uncle or aunt and nephew is much more flexible, bendable and easier to work with. This gives a unique color to this special relationship.

A nephew in the family, lesson two: learn to be a superhero

The moment you take on the role of uncle / aunt, you undergo a very important change: you become a superhero. When your nephew appears, you become a person admired from head to toe, this in turn obliges you in some way to surprise, inventiveness and invent new ways to show all the enormity of love.

Happy children

You’ll notice it quickly. You will notice that more and more often you are showing tenderness, hugging, tenderness, that your nephew releases in you almost inexhaustible layers of love and tenderness. You will find that your brother or sister’s child has stolen your heart and become one of the most important people in your life.

A nephew in the family, lesson three: You begin to appreciate life anew

Another important lesson that your nephew will teach you is that you begin to appreciate and admire the gift of life again and enjoy it every day.

You begin to see the magic and charm of life in learning something new every day, in childish enthusiasm, in the innocent joy that your nephew shows. The magic also lies in its simplicity and how confidently it follows his heart. What does this lead to? Even though you are an adult, you are becoming a child again.

By regaining the spontaneous approach to life shown by children every day, we learn to relax, enjoy life and understand that not everything must always depend on ourselves. By sharing their magical moments of fun and joy with children, we learn to be mindful, happy, carefree and fulfilled.

It is not easy to meet all the expectations of our nephew. However, by becoming an aunt or uncle, we also receive a huge amount of energy and awareness of responsibility. 

The importance of uncle and aunt in the life of a child

The emotional bond that develops between uncles and nephews is important to both. Hence, we can confidently say that it is exceptional and unique.

The role of uncle or aunt makes us a mentor and advisor. The man from whom the nephew learns and on the basis of whose opinion he forms his views. Uncle or aunt is by definition someone to whom you can confide in your problems and share your views.

An uncle or aunt has the extraordinary power to inspire, suggest ideas, motivate, advise and guide wisely. They are great especially in difficult or complicated situations that could cause a conflict with the parents or when the parents are not able to fully understand the issue.

A woman with a child

Though uncle or auntie are not friends, they are excellent companions. They are trustworthy confidants, a close friend, a loyal companion, and a very important person  in the family to whom a nephew can always turn.

Hence, the relationship that develops between an aunt or uncle and nephew is so mature, flexible, close and unique.

A few words of summary

Very often, the extremely important role that uncles play in the lives of children goes unnoticed. It also happens that they are preoccupied with their own children and responsibilities, and do not notice how important a nephew or niece is to us.

Remember, however, that this bond is special and magical. If you take care of it properly, it will turn into one of the most beautiful journeys you will ever take. It will become a source of happiness and pride for life. Don’t miss your chance!

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