Relief Of Ailments And Pressure Points

By applying pressure to specific points on the body, you can soothe many tiring ailments without resorting to medication.
Relief of discomfort and pressure points

Pressure points on the body are centers that, when properly stimulated, help to relax and alleviate some ailments.

Acupressure is an ancient healing technique that has its roots in Chinese natural medicine. It is based on proper pressure on specific points on the body, and even using needles to unblock disturbed energy flow. Such blockages are a common cause of pain and discomfort.

Sometimes it is used to stimulate specific areas of our body. Most likely, many of you will refer to this treatment technique with a bit of skepticism, but you will certainly not lose anything on trying it, and if you can free yourself from tiring ailments, at the same time expand your knowledge with new, interesting ways to fight pain.

Therefore, we encourage you to try this technique yourself. It is easy to carry out, and today we will give you some tips on how to do it correctly. We assure you that you will definitely be able to relax and achieve the desired peace.

Free yourself from tiring ailments!

1. Pressure points and menstrual symptoms


Menstrual cramps and the pains associated with those few days a month are torture for some. The easiest way to alleviate them is, of course, to reach for painkillers, which we can find in pharmacies a lot.

However, if you want to try out natural methods of fighting pain, we encourage you to stimulate the points on the body related to these ailments.

Areas we should oppress:

  • use your thumbs to press against the big toes of both feet. These sites are associated with the thyroid gland
  • try to apply pressure from top to bottom
  • then from pressing the toes of the foot, go to its central zone. Apply pressure to the center point and point your thumbs outward as shown above. These areas are related to the pain we experience during menstrual days
  • Finally, massaging the inside of the foot approximately 10 cm below the ankle for at least 10 minutes will be a great relief

2. Pressure points and headaches

Compression of the hand

The pressure point technique should be effective in trying to relieve stress-related headaches. To free yourself from ailments, it is enough to squeeze each hand for about 30 seconds.

How to properly do this:

  • you should start with finding the right point, the pressure of which will help us relieve pain. This place is on the line of the little finger right where the wrist begins
  • once found, apply pressure to this point for no more than 30 seconds. Then do the same with the other hand
  • if the compressions are to be performed by another person, have them do it as shown in the picture above

3. Pressure points and the relief of nausea


Nausea, dizziness … sometimes we have those days when we do not feel well, and it may be related to a drop in blood pressure, eating something inappropriate, the result of weather conditions or due to high temperatures.

Regardless of what is causing your bad mood, we recommend that you follow these tips:

  • the point we are going to pinch in this case is called the pericardium. It is associated with important organs such as the stomach and head and helps relieve ailments from headaches to painful cases of carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • to begin with, you need to properly locate the pressure point. To effectively relieve nausea and pain, place two fingers between the two tendons on the inside of the wrist
  • it is best to use your middle and index fingers and use them to apply pressure to the indicated place for two minutes

4. Pressure points and relieving fatigue

Pressure point

It is one of the easier points on the body to locate. This is known as the “third eye” as it is located exactly at the point between our eyes above the nasal septum. How to properly compress them to soothe ailments?

  • in this case, use your ring finger and apply pressure to the indicated place for about 20 seconds. After the time has elapsed, wait 10 seconds and repeat the compressions
  • you can perform this procedure during the day whenever you feel physically exhausted, when your eyes start to feel tired or to fight insomnia
  • we encourage people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer to use this technique

To sum up, we try to combat all pain ailments as soon as possible and with the least demanding method, i.e. by taking medications available in pharmacies. However, if you ever decide to use a different, alternative form of pain relief, do not hesitate to use acupressure.

It is a really simple technique that stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles and restores energetic balance to our body. Why not try it out today?

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