Seguril: Use, Contraindications, Side Effects

Seguril: use, contraindications, side effects

Seguril influences the Henle loop by changing the way substances are transported. When this exchange process changes, urine volume increases. This is due to the additional stimulation of the secretion of water and electrolytes.

Seguril is one of the trade names under which pharmaceutical companies sell the active ingredient furosemide. This drug belongs to the family of diuretics. This means that it has a very strong diuretic effect.

This family of drugs can modify the transport of substances in the nephrons, which are the anatomical and physiological units of the kidneys.

Seguril is a drug prescribed by doctors to be taken alone or in combination with other medications for high blood pressure. There are also other indications for taking it, including treating edema caused by liver or heart disease.

Before you know the other characteristics of this drug, you need to understand how the kidneys work.

Seguril and kidney function

The kidneys are the most important organ in the urinary system. They are responsible for removing waste from the body by producing urine and for maintaining a balance in the body’s internal environment – the so-called homeostasis.

Kidney photo

As we mentioned earlier, a nephron is an anatomical and physiological unit. It consists of four parts:

  • 1st order spiral tubule (proximal),
  • Henli Loops,
  • 2nd order spiral canal (distal),
  • Collective channel.

During the process of synthesizing urine, which is the main task of the nephron, blood reaches the first order ileum through the glomerulus. In this channel, substances are exchanged, some of which are reabsorbed while others are excreted. This is mainly true of most drugs that are removed from the body in the urine.

The blood and liquid waste then passes through other parts of the nephron. They exchange substances until urine is produced, in which there are waste and electrolytes ready for disposal.

The urine eventually reaches the ureters, which lead to the bladder. After filling to a certain level, it sends a signal to the brain that informs us about the need to urinate.

Basic information on hypertension

Hypertension is a disease characterized by a continual rise in blood pressure. Thus  , a person is considered to suffer from hypertension when their systolic blood pressure is 140 mmHg or higher. In addition, the diastolic blood pressure must exceed 90 mm Hg.

However, many people do not fully understand what blood pressure is. This is why explaining these issues to them is so important. Typically, the heart puts pressure on the arteries to send blood towards various organs in the body. Higher blood pressure, the greater the number of heart contractions. On the other hand, the lowest blood pressure is recorded when the heart relaxes.

It is now believed that hypertension is one of the major risk factors that increase the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease. They are the leading cause of death in developed countries. Some of them are:

  • Ischemic heart disease,
  • Infarct,
  • Kidney and brain diseases.

How does Seguril affect the body?

Seguril influences the Henle loop by changing the way substances are transported. When there is a change in the pattern of exchange, the amount of urine increases because the secretion of water and electrolytes is stimulated. This action leads to a reduction in the volume of extracellular fluids.


To achieve this result, furosemide can block the structure that acts as a transport medium for sodium, potassium, chloride and, to a lesser extent, calcium and magnesium. Thereby it prevents the reabsorption of these electrolytes and this leads to an increase in water excretion.

The action of furosemide is rapid and short-lived. It removes water and thus reduces its volume in the body. Thanks to this, it supports the treatment of arterial hypertension.

Side effects of using Seguril

  • Hypokalaemia: When dosages are high, blood potassium levels can drop rapidly, which can lead to cardiac arrhythmias.
  • Ear problems.
  • Hyponatraemia: Low blood sodium levels.
  • Hyperglycaemia: Elevated blood sugar levels.


In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that Seguril is the trade name for furosemide, a drug that is used to increase urine output, mainly in the treatment of high blood pressure. If you have any questions about this drug, please see your doctor to avoid any health complications.

In addition, you should also inform him if you are taking any other medications as they may interact adversely with each other.

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