Slender Arms – 6 Effective Exercises

In addition to exercising regularly, you should also eat a balanced diet and avoid fatty foods to keep your arms slim and strong.
Slender arms - 6 effective exercises

The conservative instinct is responsible for our body’s tendency to accumulate fat in the event of a food shortage. Our arms are the place where the accumulated fat is especially visible.

In order for our arms not to be sagging, we first need to understand what causes this condition before adopting the appropriate tactics.

Why do we need to exercise and strengthen our arms?

In the first phases of our evolution, our lower and upper limbs were essential for survival, especially the quadriceps and triceps (triceps).

Triceps is extremely important as it is responsible for the strength to get and store food.

Nowadays, however, we don’t need to use it in our daily life, despite the fact that this part of the body is genetically programmed to store more fat. There is also a lot of muscle in this area.

Unused fat turns into sagging skin. The best solution to this problem is to combine a balanced diet with effective exercise to strengthen your arms.

6 arm exercises to burn fat and strengthen muscles

Below we present a wide range of exercises, from the classic to the latest trends.

1. Lowering never fails

a woman exercises her arms with a chair

If you are the type of person who prefers to stay at home, then this exercise is for you: all you need is a chair and your body.

  • Place the chair against the wall and make sure it is firmly secured while exercising.
  • Stand with your back to the chair and put your hands behind you on the chair.
  • Bend your arms to move up and down.
  • This forces you to hold your body weight and helps you burn unnecessary fat.

2. Push-ups are good for strengthening your arm muscles

You probably did a lot of them in PE during your school days. All you need to do is lie on your stomach and lift your weight on your feet and hands (arms) while moving up and down.

To avoid injury, make sure you are in the correct position. This is essential when doing this type of exercise, mistakes can turn into more serious problems.

3. Weights are invincible.

Dumbbells are really useful and easy to use. You can buy yourself a pair and exercise at home at any time.

Weights offer you the opportunity to work on individual parts of the body. There are many effective exercises you can do to strengthen your arms and burn fat.

4. Make your body move: Flamenco dancing

the women are dancing flamenco

Many people will eventually get bored with their daily exercise routine. However, you can turn it into fun if you just add music and a pinch of creativity.

In flamenco dance, the arms play a very important role. So in addition to the pleasure, various positions in the dance will effectively strengthen your arms.

5. Relax by boxing.

If you are looking for a good way to get rid of saggy skin on your arms and live a stressful lifestyle, boxing is your sport. This form of exercise is popular with people who are exposed to constant stress as boxing is great for relieving the tension built up throughout the day.

Hitting the punching bag is the most effective exercise – then the triceps is fully activated. Boxing guarantees quick results without the need to stand in the ring.

6. It’s not just meditation: try the cobra pose

Lie on your stomach and raise your torso by placing your hands on the mat and extending your elbows. Press down on the mat until your arms are completely straight. In this way, the entire weight of your body will be supported by the triceps.

In general, yoga is very effective in strengthening the arm muscles. In addition, it has the advantage of being less aggressive than other forms of fitness and keeping your body in harmony.

Remember that none of these exercises are exclusive to the others. Choose the ones that suit you best, and the fat on your arms will disappear faster than you expect.

If you take regular care of your body, sagging skin will never be your problem!

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