Tired Feet – How To Remedy Them?

Our feet – we often forget about them and do not realize how important they are.
Tired feet - how to fix them?

Every day our tired feet withstand the pressure of the whole body, which is a sufficient argument to provide them with adequate rest and take care of them. Just like any other part of the body, we should give them a moment of relaxation too.

Tired s tops do not get adequate rest only by the fact that we sit down after a hard day’s work. It is not enough just to take off your shoes. You need to spend a little more time on them.

Therefore, today we will learn a few ways to relieve the feet and provide them with a hard-earned, proper rest.

What tires and strains our feet?

All these ailments that we often come home with after a long day can be caused by many different factors.

Why are the feet heavy and tired?

The fatigue and heaviness of the feet, which certainly happens to us often, can have many causes. To better identify why your feet are on the verge of exhaustion, let’s look at some of the factors that can cause such discomfort.

  • physical effort – in many cases, we force our body to perform activities that lead to significant fatigue and strain on the body. Long hours of standing and working in this position, for example with household chores, make us forget that our feet need a few moments of rest every few hours. If we do not provide them, they start to hurt and feel heavy. This is the body’s way of telling us that we’ve pushed it to the brink of exhaustion and that everything has its endurance limit!
  • use of appropriate footwear – appropriate, comfortable footwear must be used to avoid tired feet. The heel should not be too high and the toe area should not be too tight.
  • abnormal blood circulation – very often this ailment manifests itself in the fact that the feet are heavy, swollen and tired
  • overweight – it is normal for overweight people to feel painful and tired feet much more often than for people with normal weight. After all, they lift a few or a dozen kilograms above the norm!

Home-made natural treatments for tired feet

Warm water foot bath

After a long and hard day’s work, it’s normal for our feet to take their toll. Therefore, this is a great time to treat them to soaking in warm water with some salt. You can also add rose petals or a few drops of peppermint oil, which will benefit blood circulation. After the water cools down, dry your feet well. Later, you can do a gentle massage using the same oil and skin softening cream.


Massage for tired feet

These three ingredients should be thoroughly mixed with each other, applied to the feet and legs, making circular movements. When finished, wear long socks and place your legs higher than your body line. In this way, we will provide your feet with adequate rest and a moment of relaxation.

Baths in water after boiled rice

Simply boil the rice in two glasses of simmering water and wait for half of it to evaporate. Then set aside and add three tablespoons of baking powder. We soak our feet until the water becomes cool. Dry well and finish the treatment with a decent massage using mint cream or peppermint oil.

A useful tip is that every day when we come back tired from work, we should put our legs against a wall or place them on a chair and hold them in this position for at least ten minutes. Then you can massage with cream.

Every day you can soak your feet for twenty minutes before going to bed in a warm infusion of chamomile and lemon balm. This will make them relax and rest.

How to avoid foot fatigue

Here are some tips on how to best care for your feet and avoid overexertion.

Feet on the grass
  • so that this ailment occurs as little as possible, walk barefoot for at least half an hour every day . Best, if you can, practice it in nature, sand or grass will work great here.
  • do not use too tight shoes. First of all, it will prevent additional problems with blood circulation. In addition, the heel should not be too high and the toe should not be too tight.
  • eat healthy, avoiding heavily salty foods. Excessive amount of salt in the body promotes water retention  in the feet, which causes them to swell.
  • In order to end the corns once and for all and soften the calloused parts of the skin on the feet, it is recommended to use petroleum jelly. It is best to put it on in the evening, with a gentle massage of the heel area and the arch of the foot. These parts dry out the fastest. After applying petroleum jelly, it is essential to put on socks.
  • exercise your feet regularly, making circular movements of your ankle and clenching and straightening your backs.


Remember that it is thanks to your feet that you can function normally, work and do your favorite activities. They carry your body weight every day, allowing you to move around. If you take it seriously and take care of your feet regularly, you will feel less tired and in pain. So take a few moments each day for them and you will see how much easier it becomes to move and do activities while standing.

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