Underwear – 5 Rules That Will Ensure Your Intimate Health

The right choice of underwear is key to maintaining your intimate health and avoiding recurring infections.
Underwear - 5 rules that will ensure your intimate health

Underwear is a garment with a very long and complex history. As it turns out, in antiquity, the inhabitants of some regions wore underwear under their outer garments in order to better protect their bodies from diseases and other external factors.

In 1922, archaeologists discovered the loincloths that the ancient Egyptians wore under their tunics. However, it was the domain of the highest social class.

Underwear has evolved over the centuries. The materials, patterns and uses of individual garments have changed. The most important thing, however, is that nowadays underwear meets our needs more and more and cares for intimate comfort and health, regardless of gender or age.

Underwear and its functions

Comfort and hygiene

Underwear absorbs sweat and other secretions of the human body, thanks to which our most intimate places do not have direct contact with the outer garments. The same goes for panties, T-shirts, bras and socks.


Some of our garments are designed to support certain parts of the body. They are helped by special underwires, fibers and hems.

Underwear for women

This applies to both women’s bras and special underwear that supports male intimate organs, such as briefs.

Aesthetic values

Due to the development not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of worldview, we can choose from an endless range of fabrics, models and cuts of underwear. Therefore, underwear began to play completely new functions, becoming an aesthetic value in itself. 

Underwear on a pile

Progress in this field meant that we can use not only amenities such as slimming and shaping underwear, but also use its qualities that ignite the senses and allow us to fulfill our innermost erotic fantasies.

Which underwear is best to choose?

Choosing the right underwear depends not only on individual preferences, but also on the situation and needs. Depending on your individual style or circumstances, you can choose different sets of underwear to best fulfill its functions.

1. Cotton underwear

One of the best, most universal and healthiest solutions is undoubtedly cotton underwear. It is breathable, natural and hypoallergenic, so it allows you to avoid infections of intimate parts and skin irritation.

Woman in underwear

Cotton absorbs moisture well and provides air circulation, thanks to which bacteria, fungi and infections do not threaten your intimate parts. The material is also easy to care for and does not disturb the healthy pH of the skin.

2. Appropriate underwear size

Knowing your exact size for each piece of clothing can save you a lot of stress and time. This is especially important in the case of bras, the size of which depends not only on the circumference under the breasts, but also on the size of the cup.


Wearing a wrong bra can have various consequences for our health. This has a negative effect on, among other things, the shoulders, breasts, neck and spine. A badly selected bra also accelerates the sagging of the skin.

In turn, in the case of panties, too tight and poorly chosen ones can also bring us some negative effects:

  • Panties that are too tight around the abdomen can cause ailments such as acid reflux or heartburn.
  • Conversely, these pressure points around the waist can restrict proper blood circulation, causing tingling and irritation.

3. Appropriate underwear for exercise

Exercise is a specific situation for our body. When active, we sweat and need more freedom to perform complex movements and positions. Therefore, it is worth investing in sports underwear, which will make this task easier for us, and at the same time protect us from the consequences of exercising in fabrics not intended for this purpose.

Sports underwear

4. Avoid thongs

Thongs aren’t the best choice for at least a couple of reasons. First of all, it is not the most comfortable type of underwear. In addition, this type of panties facilitate the transfer of bacteria from the anus to the vagina, which increases the risk of infection – both intimate and urinary tract.

5. Underwear for pregnant and breastfeeding women

Both pregnancy and breastfeeding involve a series of hormonal changes and changes in our appearance. First of all, the breasts become larger and more tender. It is worth choosing bras with wider straps, which will better stabilize the bust and evenly distribute the load.

Also pay attention to the material with which the cup is lined. A gentle one will help to avoid irritation of the nipples.


As you can see, regardless of the needs and situation, the right choice of underwear is crucial not only for your well-being and appearance, but also for your health. Be sure to adjust the choice of underwear to each circumstance, and you will surely feel better in your own skin.

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