White Vinegar Is An Excellent Addition To Washing Clothes

White vinegar helps to keep the colors of the clothes vivid as well as to keep the laundry white longer. You don’t have to worry about the smell because it disappears easily.
White vinegar is a great addition to washing clothes

We bet you got white vinegar at home . If so, know that you have a great detergent on hand to help you wash your clothes and save a lot of money on detergents.

By using natural laundry products, we not only spend less on softeners and powders, but also protect the environment by making greener choices in our household.

White vinegar is a product distilled from pure sugar cane, corn or alcoholic malt. You’ll be glad to hear that it has many more uses besides adding flavor to salads.

The process of its formation allows its use both in the household and in cosmetics. Vinegar has strong cleaning properties and eliminates bacteria and toxins without damaging the epidermis.

Sometimes nature provides us with perfect solutions to everyday problems, and that is what we want to talk about today. White vinegar can help with your daily laundry, among other things.

White vinegar restores color to fabrics

To take advantage of these vinegar properties, just pour some of the product into the chamber that you normally use for the softener. Do not be afraid that your laundry will smell like this product. Washing powder and water will get rid of this characteristic smell.

White towels

White vinegar instead of softener

Using fabric softener can damage both fabrics and the washing machine itself. If you look closely at the clothes you wash, you will notice that the fabric softener makes them stretch, especially where there is some type of rubber.

Moreover, the fluid is another pollutant to a large extent the environment. What if this was changed? What if we changed the softener to white vinegar?

  • To do this, follow the directions above: Pour the white vinegar into the softener compartment.
  • The amount of the product should depend on the weight of the clothes loaded in the washing machine.

White vinegar prevents pilling in clothes

It has certainly happened to you many times. You bought a new sweater or lovely pajamas and after a few washes you noticed signs of pilling. To avoid this, add a little white vinegar to your laundry. Your clothes will keep their new look for much longer.

If you want to use this simple trick, add half a cup of white vinegar (100 ml) to your laundry when the final rinse cycle begins. You will surely notice a huge difference.

Get rid of “closet smell” from clothes

Clothes that we take out of the wardrobe after hanging them there for the entire season may have a characteristic “closet smell” that is difficult to get rid of. Sometimes our clothes get an unpleasant smell when we forget to take them out of the washing machine on time.

Folded clothes
  • To get rid of these uncomfortable “odors” and make your clothes feel fresh again, use – as you have already guessed – white vinegar.

As we mentioned before, just pour the vinegar into the softener compartment. As you can see, this is an extremely simple solution.

Remove sweat stains

Delicate, white fabrics are especially prone to problematic sweat stains. To get rid of them, we often use strong chemicals that can destroy clothes over time.

This can be easily avoided:

  • Mix a tablespoon (100 ml) of white vinegar with a glass of water (200 ml) and dip a piece of fabric with a sweat stain into the solution.
  • Rub for a few seconds and wait 10 minutes.
  • Wash the item of clothing in the washing machine immediately afterwards. You’ll see the difference after the first time.

White vinegar extends the life of your washing machine

This method is quite well known. To extend the life of your washing machine, run your washing machine on a cycle of only water and white vinegar once a month. To keep the rubber seal in your washing machine in good condition, it is best to clean it with a damp cloth and white vinegar to remove mold and detergent residue.


Regular use of vinegar to clean your washing machine will not only keep it smelling fresh, but will also keep it running flawlessly for a long time.

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